Survivor Program

Outsmart, Outplay, Outdoors

The Survivor Program is Camp Warrawee's newest school camp offering. Unlike the TV program, food and shelter are provided and no one gets voted off. The camp is designed to test and develop student's physical, mental and emotional capabilities in a fun and supportive environment and can be tailored to suit different age groups and needs.

Survivor Program

Activity themes:

  • Trail - activities to promote communication and cooperation
  • Extreme - activities to push physical limits and overcome fears
  • Adventure - activities requiring team work and creativity
  • Mission - activities requiring group unity and working to individual strengths

Program Inclusions:

2 nights / 3 days
7 meals
8 x activities
$275.00 per student
(Program inclusions and costs can be adjusted to suit time and cost constraints)

The Survivor Program delivers the following outcomes:

  • Helps students build positive relationships and a sense of belonging
  • Provides opportunities for creativity, leadership and problem solving
  • Helps students develop empathy and understanding of fellow students
  • Unites students and give a sense of purpose
  • Heightened confidence, resilience and grit
  • Respect for self and each other

To assist with planning YMCA Camping will provide the following resources:

  • Participant Letter - outline of program, what to bring to camp etc.
  • Staff Brief - overview of program and teacher/group leader responsibilities.
  • Program Timings - schedule of when information is due and deadlines.
  • Tribe Planner - table for recording participant names in allocated tribes.
  • Risk Management Assessments - risk assessments of all activities.

The Survivor Program can be adjusted to suit time and budget constraints.

We can also offer night activities (additional fee applies) including:

  • Tribal Dance - multicultural dance experience facilitated by external provider
  • Spot Lighting Walk - guided night walk around Camp Warrawee/North Pine
  • Camp Fire Experience - skits, marshmallows, bush poet
  • Night Games - selection of team games on the oval
  • Night Navigation
  • Astronomy - tour of the sky

Some recent feedback:

"YMCA Warrawee's Survivor Camp is an amazing experience. Our Year Seven students always have such a wonderful time and it is the perfect way to focus on developing teamwork, resilience and a respect for the environment." Aliah Lennox, Saint Mary's College Maryborough.